Elegant design & innovative technology

Sensorflush by Hydaflush brings a contemporary elegance to your bathroom.

The Sensorflush range combines sophisticated and elegant design with 21st century technology. Destined to become an iconic bathroom product, Sensorflush offers a breathtaking alternative to the look and feel of the flush button. The silky smooth touchpad and the sensory feedback of the electronics combine with the stunning design for a luxurious new experience. Sensorflush, smart and beautiful.

You will marvel at the unique sensory experience of the Sensorflush touchpad as it senses your finger and generates a subdued audio response.

A choice of contemporary colours and materials gives you exactly the look you want, from minimalist white to the opulence of models inlayed with gold.

The shape is soft, the feel is organic. The stylish Sensorflush touchpad is partnered with the Low Maintenance Flush Valve for a whisper quiet, space saving toilet flush system.

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