Shower Controller Stainless Steel

A programmable timed controller suitable for installation in the shower stall. Operational times and lock out times are programmable in increments of 1 minute to suit any application. Can also be installed as a touch-on touch-off controller with fully programmable operational and cut out times. Ideal for situations where water usage needs to be restricted. This touchpad is designed to be fitted to a standard power outlet backing plate for sturdy fixing to almost any surface.


  • Stainless Steel with a number 4 satin finish


  • Minimalist rectangular shape
  • Counter sunk screws
  • Operational times and lockout times can be programmed to suit any application
  • Finger touch activation

Tech Info

  • Stainless Steel
  • 110mm x 70mm


  • Mounted to standard electrical backing plate


  • 12 months

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